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Our Projects.  

The Big Hoof Foundation has grown in such as small amount of time! Since the Big Hoof Foundation does not own the property where the horses are housed, Cory and Julie Fletcher are working to expand the barn and pen areas on the property to accommodate more rescued horses. More information to come soon!

Project 1. Barn Expansion 

Our barn currently has five runs with indoor and outdoor access. We are opening the other side of the barn to add more runs with indoor access for the horses. This will also give us more space for feeding the horses breakfast and dinner. 

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 3.10.53 PM.png
Project 2. Fencing additional land

The front portion of the property is not fenced along with an adjacent paddock. Our goal is to have this area fenced in so the horses have additional space to graze.

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 3.18.14 PM.png
Project 3. TBD

There are always projects to be done on a farm! These are a few things we are working on!

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