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Fundraiser for two Direct Ship Horses medical

Last week we rescued two Belgian Draft Horses that were on the direct ship list from Bowie Texas Livestock.

Lot# 8111 has a swollen back left leg after being using on a farm pulling equipment. Lot# 8113 has had her left eye surgically removed and looks like she has a tumor in her other eye that will require surgery.

This week we took the two new mares (who we named Pearl and Fiona) to Mobile Veterinary Practice. We also took Ava, who was rescued before my accident as well. All three horses got a check up, blood work, dentals, dewormer and vaccines. Both Ava and Pearl will need surgery to remove the tumors on their eyes.  

We are doing a second fundraiser for these horses to cover the cost of medical. Below is a copy of Fiona's medical bill that included x-rays and some medication because she has an elevated white count and elevated liver enzymes.

In the middle of all the surgeries, Marty the quarter horse, started showing signs of colic by rolling around and not eating. We rushed him into MVP as well. Marty was treated for a mild colic and spent the night at the clinic.


All three of the horses were released and are recovering here on the farm. We will have a full update video soon. 

Below is a copy of Fiona, Ava, Pearl and Mart's medical bill. We will always be transparent with what your donations are being used for. 

The below YouTube video is a complete update on everything happening with the 3 horses before the surgery.

We appreciate all of your support and generosity!

Update on the 3 new Belgian Draft Horses saved from slaughter

Back a few weeks ago, with the support of all our followers, subscribers and friends we were able to rescue 3 more Belgian Draft Horses from shipping to slaughter from Bowie Texas Livestock. We rescued 2 mares and a gelding (Maisie, Grace and Will). If you didn't see our last post, one of the mares was in horrible condition. She is blind in her right eye, has a sever sway back and is underweight. The gelding from the original livestock yard video was extremely underweight and was having an issue with his back left leg as you could see him limping while walking. The third mare seemed to be in good condition until we got her back to the farm. She came down with a cough and a runny nose.


Our priority over the last few weeks was getting these horses the medical treatment they needed along with letting them get settled into their new home. Our days have been filled with veterinarian appointments, bonding with the new horses and getting these three on the road to recovery so they can live out a happy retirement life after so many years of working. 

This video is everything that has been happening and how the 3 horses are doing after going to the vet and receiving some love and care. 

After going to veterinarian with all three new rescued horses we were not expecting the medical bills to be as much as they were. Grace was also diagnosed with EPM.


EPM is a neurologic disease that horses get from eating infected opossum feces. 

EPM causes incoordination; stiff, stilted movements; abnormal gait or lameness and Muscle atrophy​most noticeable along the topline or in the hindquarters. Treatment for a 30 day supply is $1700. As of right now we don't know how many rounds Grace will need. 

This fundraiser will cover our recent medical bills for all 3 of the new rescued horses and Grace's first round of EPM medication. Freya, Hercules and Zeus were also to the vet as well. 


Equines Saved since 2022


With your support, we have saved 35 Belgian Draft Horses, a quarter horse and 6 Donkeys from shipping to slaughter and have given them a loving retirement home.

Help save " Big Hoof " Horses

The Big Hoof Foundation is dedicated to saving Draft Horses that have spent their entire lives working only to be neglected or abused when they can no longer work and are eventually sold to slaughter or abandoned to perish. 


Our dedicated volunteers and board members work to rescue, rehabilitate and if possible re-home these beautiful gentle giants to nurturing pastures while advocating for more humane treatment of the draft breeds through information and enlightenment.


By saving abandoned Draft Horses we are providing them a loving, humane environment free from pain and suffering as well as restoring their trust in humanity.

Our orginization will do everything we can for the horses we rescue. Most of the horses we have rescued have medical conditions and can not be re-homed. They will receive the best medical care and alternative treatments we can offer them with help from our amazing veterinarians.  

Our Mission

  1. To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Draft horses.

  2. To provide a facility where no animal will endure the pain and suffering caused by a life of abuse, neglect or abandonment by giving the horses the proper medical care required to live a healthy life. 

  3. To sponsor or host events that promote awareness of the neglect and abuse of the Draft Horse Breed. 

  4. To create an equine therapy program to assist people suffering with mental illness.

  5. To bring awareness to the community about horses being released into a slow feral death or dropped at a dealer who sends them to auction then slaughter. 

  6. To form relationships, share information and work towards a collaborative effort to solve problems that lead to the inhumane treatment of these big hoofed gentle giants.

Rescued Belgian Draft Horse
Rescued Belgian Draft Horse
Rescued Belgian Draft Horse
Rescued Belgian Draft Horse
Rescued Belgian Draft Horse
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