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At the beginning of June 2023 a subscriber/Facebook follower reached out to me asking if I had seen the Belgian Draft Horse Gelding that was listed on Bowie Texas Livestocks page and wanted to know if we could save him. At the time we were working on getting Amara healthy and weren't planning on rescuing another horses. Lot #0136 was a Belgian Gelding standing at 16.2 hands and was 17 years old. From his livestock yard video he looked healthy and was not underweight like so many of the other horses we rescued. The video stated he was turned out to pasture for 2 years with his previous owners and had not been worked with. His ship to slaughter date was on a Friday and that Thursday with the help of our subscriber we rescued him! I couldn't let this beautiful, healthy horse with sweet, gentle, scared eyes ship to slaughter.


The following day we picked him up! Just like with Finn (one of our other horses who was turned out to pasture) it was going to take some time to earn his trust. Noah was not as rough around the edges as Finn was but we gave him the space he needed to learn to trust people again. There is no telling what these horses have previously been through. We worked with him and gave him time to adjust to his new environment and decompress. Over time Noah began to trust again. He found his place within the herd and made friends quickly with Lena. We are still working with him on ground manners as sometime he doesn't want to cooperate. This is a slow process because with any horse you can't rush the process.

Since Noah seemed healthy we didn't take him to the vet right away. We watched him for signs of illness after we got him home and he was not showing any signs. About a week after arriving to the farm Dr. Waggoner came out to do bloodwork and give him a wellness check. Noah was completely healthy and his blood work was good. Dr. Waggoner said this was the first horse she had seen come to our farm in such good condition.


 Welcome to the family sweet boy!

Noah's story is documented on our farms YouTube channel. 

Last Update: August 2023

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